Jaguar Land Rover At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show
Jaguar Land Rover talk up their plans for 2015 and the new F-pace SUV also gets a mention. Every year cars get suspiciously more fuel efficient and more powerful and its always by 15%.  We here at DCB Towers believe its a car-spiracy or just the auto industry stretching the truth to get the headlines. This video highlights where Jaguar is at the moment and where it hopes to be. Although once you get to around 1m26s you will notice the horrendously bad suit worn by JLR’s North American President and CEO Joe Eberhardt. Its an ill fitting suit, the trousers need tailoring, they are too long and the shoulders pads are so 1990’s. We reckon the suit cost around £90 from Wallmarts, dude Mr CEO man get your finger out.  Jaguar-NAIAS-2015
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