Land Rover Supersize The Defender And Get All Artisitic
Video The long in the tooth Land Rover Defender will cease production by the end of the year to be replaced by a new generation model. That iconic Defender shape will be given a celebratory start to what will be a year long standing ovation and Land Rovers publicity machine will ensure you know about it. Land Rover returned to the design origins of the Defender where it was first conceived by its designer Maurice Wilks. Wilks drew an outline of the Defender in the sand on the beach in Red Wharf Bay Anglesey way back in the year of 1948. So 67 years later Land Rover to mark to exclamation point in time and unhinged act of imagination by drawing a 1km outline of the Defender in the sand, naturally they used a fleet of vintage and up to date Defenders to do so. Now this is a publicity stunt so there is a business reason why Land Rover would engage in such an un-business like act of creativity. To sell newly released special edition Defenders. We’ll post something about that later on, we’re sales people god damn it even though these publicity machines see publications as being an extension of their sales message. You scratch my back and we will send on a private jet to test a car. That’s how it works folks.  Land-Rover-Defender-2015-Swansong
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