Living The London Supercar Life Style
If you think London is full of supercar owners then let me assure it is and it isn’t. London is wealthy you can see it in the streets, the city attracts the prosperous and this in turn means constant investment and regeneration. As a city London has never looked better. And yes you see supercars but only in certain districts such as Knightsbridge, Sloane Square, Bond Street, Regent Street, Park Lane and a good deal in and around Mayfair one of the swankiest parts of Central London. Every summer some of London’s part time residents make their way from Saudi Arabia and bring with them their supercars, it gets really hot, almost unbearably so in the Middle East during the UK summer time and some wealthy Arabs seem to prefer the cooler British summer. Much to the Daily Mails’s annoyance every summer the UK rag runs a story about those “pesky” Arabs and their foreign supercars constantly and often loudly over revving their V8’s etc. What about if was sir in his vintage sports car? we’re pretty sure the DM wouldn’t be as annoyed.  Living-The-London-Supercar-Life
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