Matching Lamborghini & Speedboat is Desperate & Delusional
OK so the owner of the Lamborghini Aventador got the colour scheme right, ludicrous yellow offset by black accents, the front splitter, side-skirts and so on. That’s how all Lambo’s should be. But to match you Lamborghini speedboat with the same colour is sad and as we always say just plain desperate and delusional. But it gets worse still, the owner proudly shows off the ‘money’ during Florida’s Supercar Week. Its like bring your toys into school day. The speedboat is worth around $1m dollars and has around 2,700 bhp the Aventador is actually the 50 Annversario Edition which was limited to 200 examples worldwide and had 4wd offset by 720ps.  Matching-Lambo&-Speedboat
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