Pile Up Causes A Near Death Pile Up
OK so you are driving on the south bound I-95 at exit 9 in NJ (New Brunswick exit) ,which is in the state of New York, when upon a sudden you come across a pile up blocking the freeway in front of you. With no other option to slow down and come to a complete stop you decide to occupy your time by filming the event on your mobile phone only to hear a screech of tyres and brakes from behind. Its bad enough being stationary on the motorway and its even worse when you realise that screech is a giant haulage truck veering out of control after hitting a spot of black ice. Somehow the truck misses the the guy filming the event and skids into the barriers and comes to rest on the other side of the freeway/motorway where another oncoming truck collides with it. A saloon car is also caught up in the mayhem, the YouTuber said no injuries were reported.  NJ-Pileup-Truck-2015
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