Rolls Royce Road Rage Russian Style
We live in a crowded world and none more so than in crowded cities where people live cheek by jowl so inevitably confrontations happen often minor and rarely a little bit more than that. So you are driving on a busy Russian highway when all of a sudden a Rolls Royce Wraith driver tries to barge his way in while exiting a junction. For whatever reason Rolls Royce man, as we shall call him, gets really hot under the collar with dashboard cam man, as we shall refer to him. A pursuit follows between the pair and finishes in a face off with the video ending with Rolls Royce man parked up in front of dash board cam man on the busy stretch of road. According to dash board cam man he said they both had a “verbal sparring” with one another and then parted their own ways. We want to know one thing, what does “chewa” mean?  Rolls-Royce-Russian-Road-Rage
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