Tight Ass Makes His 75 Dollar Pick Up Last For 38 Years

38 years ago Bob Sportel from Minnesota, Prinsburg in the US of A was in need of transport for the daily commute to get too his new job. Then in his 20’s Bob purchased a rusty old 1957 Chevrolet Pickup.

The word legendary is oft over used, we can safely say Bob is a legendary tight ass when it comes to buying a decent vehicle. For Bob all he needed was a mode of transport to get from point A to point B. Bob told local news station, Kare11 News “It kept going so I just kept driving it. If I could get four years out of it, I thought I’d be really happy,” Bob is such a tight wad he never spent any money on servicing the Chevy preferring to carry out four yearly oil changes by himself. He didn’t even bother to paint the Pickup which has done an estimated 300,000 miles. Maybe more, Bob can’t be sure because the speedometer isn’t working. Bob purchased the pickup for 75 dollars which in the 1970’s is worth about $340 dollars in today’s money. So its a wise investment after all cars loose money but the value is that they make money because they get us to work and allow us to earn money. Its all fairly simplistic economics I know, Bob I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again you’re one tight ass dude. For Kare11 News this is dailycarblog.com. I mean for the Kare11 News video click on the link below; http://www.kare11.com/story/news/local/land-of-10000-stories/2015/01/01/prinsburg-pickup-chevy-bob-sportel-75/21169665/  75-dollar-TightAss-Pickup-Truck-Owner
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