Twins: Rover 75 vs The Mercedes C Class
People often ask us what is the ‘twins’ / ‘look-a-like’ feature for is it designed to compare two cars based on price, depreciation, service costs or general consumer based information? No is the short answer, you see the twins feature is a simple formula, compare two cars that share similar exterior design cues or at least share a similar form. Take the latest generation Mercedes C Class, in isolation its a fine looking compact executive car but in isolation communism works and we know it doesn’t. The other day I was driving along on a UK motorway when I thought I saw a Rover 75 from the corner of my eye, low and behold, when it sped past me it was a brand new shiny Mercedes C Class. Whats a Rover 75 you may well say, it was a British made executive saloon and that means its no longer in production but the design similarities with the Mercedes C Class is confusingly similar. They are both separated by a decade one alive the other not, the Rover 75’s production run began in 1998 and ended in 2005 and was available in FWD or RWD, it represents the nail in the coffin for the last truly independent, British volume manufacture not in foreign ownership. Rover’s demise was long in the making as it was inevitable. The company had many players vying for the glory days of British Leyland, it was a folly because that era had long since gone. The Mercedes C Class needs no introduction its unstoppable mass market premium fodder these days, the Rover 75? It was a last breath of incompetent management, that’s another story altogether. Whats British Leyland? lets not go there shall we….  Rover-75-vsMercedes-C-Class
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