Design Twins: Neesan Infiniti Q70 vs Maserati Ghibli
One is a Maserati with with a rich race heritage to its name and history, the other is a Nissan. We could end it right there and be done. The Nissan, or “Neesan” as they call it in the land of the free, IS a Nissan. Its sold under the Infiniti brand in Europe because big Nissan saloons don’t sell particularly well in Europe if at all and Nissan accountants aren’t stupid. You only have to look at Nissan’s current UK model line-up to see there isn’t a mid-sized executive saloon (sedan) in the range. The Nissan Infiniti Q70 is sold as the Cima back in the motherland and Nissan know they would be committing Harakiri if the infiniti Q70 was badged as a Nissan and sold in Europe. Clever marketing will make you want to buy that premium class Infiniti Q70-Nissan. The Nissan Infiniti Q70 is a little bit like Gordon Ramsey ordering a £1 GBP Big Mac and then reselling it at his Michelin Star restaurant as a classic British Beefburger with posh-chips on the side. But there is honor in re-branding and Nissan Infiniti pay their own honor by doffing their collective designer caps with pens and sketch books in hand towards the Maserati Ghibli. The Maserati Ghibli, where do we start with this, it was originally made from 1967-1973 a striking looking classic coupe with a front-engine rear-wheel-drive setup. It was the V8, 2+2 Grand Tourer of the day. We’ll Skip past the second generation V6 twin-turbo Ghibli made from 1992-1997 because the current third generation is now a premium executive 4-door car and shares more design cues with the original first generation coupe. The problem for the Ghibli is not the Ghibli, its the visual fact that the Nissan Infiniti Q70 also shares the Ghibli’s design cues. We could say unashamedly so in an Apple vs Samsung type of way but who cares “Neesan” certainly don’t. Or it could all be a total design coincidence, however the current third generation Maserati Ghibli was released to market first in 2013, mysteriously the Neesan Infiniti Q70 was released in 2014. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  Twins-Maserati-Ghibli-vs-Infiniti-Q70
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