Spyker Stumbles Back Too Life After Bankruptcy Decision is Reversed
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Remember Spyker? the Dutch based luxury supercar maker, it quietly declared bankruptcy back in November 2014, in actuality it was put into bankruptcy by a Dutch court after failing to pay outstanding debts. But after a period of financial restructuring, which means making cuts and begging for more money from what ever source, Spyker is back.  More to the point the company won an appeal against the declaration of bankruptcy. So what does this mean? The company’s CEO, Victor Muller, has made a declaration of his own and that is to begin development of the stalled B6 Venator in addition to merging with a manufacturer of high performance electric aircraft. It all sounds like a bit too much and when, what where to us. Spyker purchased Saab from General Motors in 2010, that’s when the rot set in, the company didn’t have the funds or seemingly didn’t have a plan to take charge of Saab and became overwhelmed by the responsibility quickly selling it on to the Chinese firm NEVS. Now Spyker have been given a reprieve after the Dutch appeals court declared the original bankruptcy as “null and void with retrospective effect”. This means legal protection from paying immediately its creditors. Muller says the company has now reached an agreement with the creditors which will allow Spyker to continue with its original plan to build the B6 Venator, a V6, mid-engine luxury sports car with the Porsche 911 and Lotus Evora in its sights. If Spyker does get back on its feet the company plans to offer a hybrid derivative in the future, but it isn’t clear what will happen, if bankruptcy can happen once it can happen again.  Spker-V6-Venator-Concept
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