AeroMobil Reveal Autonomous Flying Car
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Every couple of years we hear about the flying car, you can go back in the news reels at least 30 years and you will find some boring journalist waxing lyrical about the advent of flying cars being adopted by the mass market “sooner than you think”. It never happens, why? because its the worlds stupidest idea. Now you may well be thinking that our reporting isn’t exactly breaking new ground here. Simply saying an idea is the worlds stupidest idea is setting poor journalistic standards. But at least we’re not hacking into phones in order to get a pointless story about some z-list celebrity just to sell more newspaper copies and then putting up a false front to make it look as though we are respectable. Heaven forbid should we ever be considered respectable. We are digressing yet again. Flying cars are the answer to the grid locked road network, wouldn’t it be divine to fly over the rush hour traffic jam and actually get home just as the Simpsons start on TV? The flying car does exist, but they often look awful and are limited to a niche market that appeals to an oddball audience.
Or does it. AeroMobil are pursuing ahead with what we refer to as the ‘worlds stupidest idea’. The Slovakia based company are building a flying car they hope will go into production by 2017. AeroMobil’s aim is to move traffic from a “2d space to a 3D space”. There are technical difficulties to overcome such as keeping the car as light as possible while retaining overall structural integrity. We assume Carbon-fiber will be key to keeping their flying car to a low kerb weight. As a result of using this expensive material AeroMobil expect initial versions to cost in the region of at least £200k. You could buy a light aircraft for that amount or even a helicopter. But there are more hurdles, no not the McLaren 650s, they are traffic laws, regulatory red-tape and general air-safety and license considerations. AeroMobil’s ambitions are almost limitless, their flying car will be a hybrid, will be able to seat four and have twice the range of a Tesla EV and it will be autonomous. Yes a self driving, self flying car. Maybe, maybe not but you have got to hand it AeroMobil the best ideas are always born from the most far fetched dreams. Whether AeroMobil succeed in their venture is another matter but we wish them well. Would we here at DCB buy a flying car? Not on your life. But that said we think AeroMobil’s attempt is perhaps the coolest looking flying car we’ve seen.  AeroMobil-Flying-Car
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