All New Jaguar XF To Go For High Wire Publicity Launch
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The Jaguar XF has been around since 2007 and apart from a facelift in 2011 its remained remarkably unchanged, rare for modern car design and development in the 21st century. The Mercedes E Class and BMW 5 Series have undergone their next generation phase so Jaguar needs to get its finger out and you know what they have been busy because the new XF will launch later this year. In the meantime the company is preparing for a daring launch in London on March 24th where the car will be driven by a stuntman who will perform a high wire water crossing in the all new XF. Jaguar-XF-Interior-2015 The location will be London Bridge and if you think Jaguar are mad then at least hear their logic behind the publicity stunt. The high wire drive is designed to show the new light weight credentials of the second generation XF… Yeah. Jaguar say the 2015 XF is new from the ground up and was developed using an advanced and lightweight aluminium architecture. It will set new bench marks for performance, refinement, luxury and efficiency says Jaguar. We like it when a company blows its own trumpet as Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar, said: “I believe the all-new XF will be the best looking car in its class. Elegant, handsome and with proportions that imbue a great sense of integrity – the all-new XF will be true to the strong tradition of sporting Jaguar saloons while being completely of its time.” The XF will make its more traditional debut at the New York Auto show on April 1st. I pity the fool.  Jaguar-XF-2015-Top-View
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