Fernando Alonso Set To Make Race Return For Malaysian GP
Formula One
Fernando Alonso will be declared fit this week as he plans his return to racing following a lengthy absence from racing as a result of crashing and suffering concussion during a pre-season test with McLaren. Alonso was forced to miss the opening race of the 2015 F1 season on the orders of doctors. McLaren recently released a statement which indicated Alonso felt his steering go heavy prior to crashing. As a result McLaren will fit extra sensors to increase the capture of data but have no explanation as to what exactly caused Alonso to crash has been given. Meanwhile Alonso has been well enough to resume training and has visited the McLaren factory in Surrey, England as he makes final preparations for his return. Fernando-Alonso-McLaren-2015-Training Before he does Alonso will have to undergo a serious of rigorous tests before being declared fit by the FIA. Alonso is said to have suffered from temporary memory loss after his crash believing he was still racing karts. Alonso flew to Malaysia on Sunday after passing an initial medical test in Cambridge which was overseen by three leading doctors in the field of neurological sciences. Prior to being declared fit Alonso will have to undergo further tests on Thursday 26th March which will be overseen by the FIA’s own medical team to determine his race fitness and readiness. McLaren have said Alonso has been following a “rigorous, specialised training programme, designed and closely monitored by leading sports scientists, to ensure his safe and timely return to racing.” Fernando Alonso will almost certainly be declared fit, however the Spaniard may be in better race condition than his McLaren MP4-30 which is far from being competitive.  Fernando-Alonso-McLaren-2015
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