Nissan Leaf Press Release Is Full of Paranoid Schizophrenia
We usually don’t make comments about press releases because they are quite often a form of corporate patriotism and therefore uninteresting. But this press release from Nissan UK’s PR department seemed as though it was written by Gollum. You see Nissan are saying this; “Nissan Leaf battery reliability outperforms cynics, critics and alternatives” that sounds like classic paranoia to us. Instead of celebrating the fact that the Nissan Leaf is the “best selling electric car in history” the press release goes on to seemingly round up on its critics. By doing so Nissan UK is in turn being cynical, it is being critical and in our lay opinion showing classic signs of paranoia. It seems the main critic Nissan UK is pointing at is Top Gear although the company steers clear of pin-pointing out the worlds most popular TV show as being the thorn in its side. The company instead relies on UK TV personality Robert Llewellyn, who just so happens to be a paid up mouth piece for Nissan. Guess what, Llewellyn owns a Nissan Leaf and comes across as cynical and critical towards critics of the Leaf and therefore vis-à-vis Nissan’s critics.
In fact this whole press release could have been handled better, you don’t round up on your cynical critics by being cynical and critical, you ignore that and show the positive sides. This whole press release and the accompanying video is uncomfortable to read and watch. Its a shining example of bad PR management at its very best. So in the end what we learn about the Nissan Leaf isn’t anything at all other than its great, 35k units sold in Europe and after a few years the batteries haven’t downgraded at all. Classic corporate spin but where are the fake smiles to signal everything is fine? Come on Nissan UK get your finger out and open the windows… Do they actually read this? It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.  Nissan-Leaf-Is-Great
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