Rolls Royce SUV Will Make Use of Aluminium
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It may be a difficult pill to swallow but the Rolls Royce SUV will become a production reality and the company’s CEO has declared it will be made from a purpose built aluminum spaceframe. The spaceframe will be developed so that it is able to be used as type of modular platform for future Rolls Royce models. In essence Rolls Royce will seek to move away from the assistance of BMW’s ‘helping hand’. The Rolls Royce Crossover SUV will also make use of aluminum body panels in a bid to keep weight as low as possible. Currently no ultraluxury car maker has an SUV yet customer demand for these vehicles is growing. Lamborghini and Bentley are also set to launch SUV’s although Lamborghini is still mulling over whether to go ahead or not. Aston Martin is also said to be developing an SUV, the DBX Crossover revealed in Geneva was a snapshot into the company’s future plug-in hybrid plans. The Rolls Royce SUV is expected to arrive production ready by 2018 around the same time the BMW X7 arrives and the Rolls Royce SUV is expected to share some technologies and components. Rolls Royce is said to be putting the finishing touches to the exterior design, although the SUV will have 4×4 capability it won’t be designed to be a true off-roader but will offer a seven seat configuration. The company has already previewed the design to a small group of invitation only Rolls Royce owners and test mules are expected to begin testing later on in the year.  Rolls-Royce-SUV
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