Russian Drivers Using Sidewalk Get Stickered By ‘Stop A Douchebag’
Russian drivers have been given a bad rap for their road manners and behavioral issues. But in truth you can’t paint all Russian motorists with the same brush. Just as you can’t say that the Klu Klux Klan was representative of white Christian America, the Klan does believe in the power of Jesus, you can’t can’t label Russia as being a country plagued by bad drivers who flout the road traffic laws. However a Russian youth movement called ‘stop a douchebag’ actively purses motorists who flout the law and upload their confrontations onto YouTube. As is the case in this video where drivers are taking a short cut to the gas station by using a pedestrian foot path. Anger inevitably raises its ugly head. Douchebag, gas station, sidewalk. Americans we British talk to you here at DCB towers.  Stop-A-Douchebag-
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