Tesla Struggles To Electrify Chinese Buyers
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Tesla is everyone’s favorite new kid on the block, its innovation, its the future today but like all things in life there is a shelf life or what is known in the business as ‘demand’. Demand for electric cars in China has been the problem for Tesla so much so that the company is cutting jobs in the region. Tesla will hand 180 of its 600 China staff their notices because sales expectations haven’t been met. Founder Elon Musk may be a billionaire, a digital whizz-kid but the car industry is measured not by software expertise but by traditional sales volumes. Tesla has a world wide staff of around 10,000 people. Gary Tao, a local China spokesman for the carmaker told the media “The purpose is to better respond to the Chinese market,” Tao said. “The team remains stable and strong.” Elon Musk has outlined why Tesla hasn’t met its sales targets, its mainly down to concerns potential buyers have over getting accessible charging stations. Tesla is reported to have sold 2,500 vehicles since the brand opened its sales doors to the Chinese mainland in April 2014. Musk had a target of 5,000 units clearly that hasn’t been reached. Tesla remains committed to China, for now, but it is fair to hypothesis that if sales remain at their current rate or slide further than expected Tesla may well abandon China altogether.  Tesla-China
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