Volkswagen Could Cull The Three Door Polo
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VW wants to be the worlds largest car maker, logically speaking the larger the company the bigger the profits. Although to get to a profitable status the company has to cut costs somewhere. That is why VW is proposing to stop manufacturing the 3-door version of the Polo, demand for 3-door hatchbacks are falling as new car buyers move to compact SUV’s. When the next generation Polo is revealed in 2017 it may well end up being a 5 door only model. Cutting costs also means cutting the number of parts and discontinuing models that make little return on investment., such as the EOS convertible. The Polo has not yet joined the program of efficiency measures VW is currently undertaking, that is to say the Polo is built upon a standalone platform and not on the all-in-one modular MBQ platform that will make up all future VW products. One platform to rule them all. Doing so will help to reduce the Polo’s production costs and may well save the three door version from oblivion. If VW were to cease production of the three door Polo it would save 200 million euros, across the company VW wants to save at least 5 billion euros per year. We can’t help but think that that 3-door hatches are better looking and brought mainly by selfish people.  VW-Polo-Three-Door-Chop
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