Demonic Ferrari ZXX Sounds Like A Clap of Thunder
This is the sound and sight of a Ferrari Enzo ZXX Edo Competition the only known street legal Ferrari FXX in existence. Consider this ZXX to be independently tuned and modified by German based specialists Edo Competition. The Canadian owner crashed his pride and joy into a lake last year whilst participating in the 1,300 mile  Targa New Foundland Race. Luckily and rather obviously Edo Competition were able to restore the Enzo FXX back to full health as the video demonstrates. The ZXX Edo Competition V12 has been boosted too 950bhp and is said to be able to top 243mph but its the sound that captures your awareness, you hear it before you see it. And you also see it being put through its paces with the addition of a couple of doughnuts. Make sure you have a decent set of speakers.  Ferrari-Enzo-ZXX-Edo-Competition
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