Concept Shows How The Jaguar XJ Should Have Looked
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We’ve never been big fans of the Jaguar XJ because we reckon it looks good from only one angle, the rear three-quarter shot. The XJ was designed around the consumer surveys and therefore its styling suffered, it could have looked much better. However Photoshop manipulator extraordinaire, Theophiluschin, has created his version of the XJ, and it looks rather nice.


Theophiluschin used the Giugiaro Gea concept as a base to create what he refers to as a possible coupe version of the XJ which in all honesty goes for the Coupe/sportback look already. Except the current XJ looks a little lardy.


We actually prefer Theo’s concept much more although we think the wheelbase is rather too long but nevertheless, Jaguar needs to style up the current XJ, its looks OK but could have been so much better.

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