James May Becomes Flute Playing YouTube Sensation
James May has hinted his Top Gear tenure may well be at an end following Jeremy Clarkson’s sacking from the worldwide hit TV show. However May has poured his heart and soul out by setting up a YouTube account called JM’s unemployment tube which has become an instant success with over 40k subscribers and over 1 million views in a space of just 4 days. So what is JM’s unemployment channel about we hear you ask, so far Mr James May is seen playing the flute, well technically its a Recorder, a flute-like woodwind musical instrument. The last tune Mr James May played and uploaded was Greensleeves which legend has it was written by Henry VIII for Anne Boleyn. Errm… anyway… Next up Mr James May is apparently promising to cook a pie… oh how the mighty have fallen. Still with over 1 million views and 40k subs Mr James May may well be onto a winner post Top Gear, he could become the Jenna Marbles for old people.
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