The Worst Fords In History According To Drive
In the backslapping world of motoring journalism where fake praise is interpreted as award wining at some stupid industry awards show for best gearknob design, its very rare for certain car manufacturers to be publicly criticised. You won’t get many motoring journalists criticising Ford because they know Ford can close the doors very firmly if you stray off-piste. After all this was a anti union company that was actively involved in the 1919 Ford Hunger March or as it is commonly refereed to, the Ford Massacre. We love Ford, we would never say anything against them, we like the blue oval and we like the Fiesta ST and errm everything else Ford. We wear Ford T-Shirts and sign Ford songs. However YouTube channel Drive did the unthinkable and set about discussing the worst Ford’s in history. They all may one day awake to find a horses head at the bottom of their bedding mattress.  Worst-Fords-Ever-Made
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