Top Dog Toyota Keeps Steam Rolling The Competition
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What keeps Toyota awake at night is anyone’s guess, probably the production lines because they seem to have been busy mustering yet another small step towards keeping the company as the worlds top selling car maker. That  doesn’t tell the whole story, the last quarter of 2015 actually saw a global decline in the number of vehicles sold by 2.5 percent to 2.52 million units. In comparison VW and GM saw deliveries rise recording 2.49 million and 2.42 million units respectively for the period in January to March. This is the third successive year Toyota have led global sales, beating VW by a mere 90,000 deliveries. Toyota has seen increased demand for the RAV4 and the newly launched Lexus NX in the US. Both models have enabled the company’s market share to rise in the territory. Demand for Toyota’s SUV range in the US rose by 26 percent, the Lexus NX brand is also outselling rival models from Mercedes and Audi. Volkswagen have been struggling to make ends meet in this lucrative territory for a number of years and the struggle continues to this day. China is a different matter, Volkswagen are the dominant foreign brand in what is generally regarded to be the worlds biggest auto market. However an increase in demand for SUV by homegrown Chinese brands helped VW see a 0.6 percent decline in the first quarter of 2015. Toyota may well be shifting away from aiming for the “biggest auto manufacture in the world” status. After a series of quality issues due to rushed expansion Toyota has indicated that it wants to focus on building better made cars. That hasn’t stopped Toyota’s expansionist strategy, the company is planning to build new factories in Mexico and China at a cost of $1.4 billion dollars. Toyota sells around 10 million cars a year, VW has one aim, to take that title away and reclaim their self-righteous step on the top of the manufactures podium.  Top-Dog-Toyota
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