Audi Preparing All Electric Q6 And Flagship Q8 SUV’s
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Audi thinks the Q7 SUV isn’t large enough for their global sales ambitions and are looking to add a larger behemoth to the lineup, the Q8 will join the range by 2019. In addition to the Q8 Audi will also be joining the subcompact SUV battle with the Q1 which will launch in 2016. Meanwhile an Electric SUV will also join the model range by 2018, this will seek to curtail the ambitions of the Tesla Model X Crossover when it enters the market. For this electric model the E-tron moniker will be retained it will be based on the next Q5 platform and presumably be called the Q6 E-tron. Audi’s model lineup will have expanded to 60 by 2020 from its current 52, the overall goal is to become the leader of the premium automotive brand sector a position which is currently held by BMW. Mercedes Benz is currently third in the premium car sales rankings. The Audi Q8 will have coupe inspired styling and will be based on the Q7 platform. Audi is not just facing competition from Mercedes and BMW, Maserati will launch the Levante SUV in 2016 and Jaguar will also introduce the F-pace SUV. However Audi will face competition from within its portfolio of brands, Bentley will introduce the much anticipated Bentayga, which is expected to be the most expensive and luxurious SUV money can buy.  Audi-Q8
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