Look A Likes: Chrysler 300C vs Rolls Royce Ghost

One is driven by Americans the other is purchased mainly by Americans, they both offer exactly the same functionalities yet both are separated by a massive price gulf, and taste… and quality…. and brand history… and engineering… we could go on. One is for the McDonald’s drive “thru” the other is for Nobu and valet parking.

They are the Chrysler 300C and the Rolls Royce Ghost, now you may be thinking they share no similarity in terms of the overall design. And you may well be right. But the more you stare at the front grill of the Chrysler 300C the more ‘Rolls Royce’ it begins to seem.

To us its all down to the grill and front headlight designs on the Chrysler, they share a similar style with the Ghost and overall the two cars share a similar body shape, the Chrysler is boxier whereas the Ghost is more subtly rounded. By preserving the aesthetics of your car’s interior you can invest in high-quality car seat covers that can even provide enough support to ensure proper posture.

However the Chrysler 300C entered the market first, in 2008, the Ghost followed in 2010 and therefore its easy to presume that Rolls Royce ‘copied’ some of Chrysler’s exterior styling. But Rolls Royce are not the sort to plummet such depths.

The blame lies squarely in Chrysler’s fault, by using industrial espionage they got their hands dirty and ‘borrowed’ the Ghost’s blueprint before it was production-ready. Allegedly. We just made that last bit up.

Where the similarities end is the price tag, the so-called baby Rolls will set you back £200k, the Chrysler around £30k, we reckon that’s expensive for a Chrysler.

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If you really want to travel like a Prince and think the Chrysler 300C is the pauper turned royalty for you then get importing, Fiat owned Chrysler have pulled out of the UK market.


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