Tesla Model S Tears Apart Dyno Test Rig
We do have an indifference to electric cars mainly because battery technology is inefficient and impractical, why do you want to spend all day charging a car just to hug a tree and then jet off on a private jet for a weekend break in “where-evers-ville”.  But the undeniable fact is electric powered cars offer neck snapping levels of torque over their more conventional petroleum based rivals. This video demonstrates just how savage electric cars can be. The Tesla Model S P85D was put on a AWD dyno test rig and after a slow start full power was applied instantly, in doing so the dyno belts snapped. The cause? it was over 949 Nm of torque, that’s supercar levels of torque in a car designed to save the world and bought by hippies. Peace out man.  Tesla-Model-S-Dyno-Test-Rig-Fail
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