Nigel Mansell Says Modern Day Formula One Is Too Easy
Formula One
Retired F1 driver and the 1992 F1 World Champion, Nigel Mansell, says modern day F1 has become too easy and the drivers should be left to “drive and race like we did”. Mansell drove in the 1980’s and early 1990’s in an era when F1 was less advanced compared to today. However Mansell won his single World Championship title in a Williams Renault that was so far advanced and ahead of its competitors it almost mirrors the complaints he is making of F1 in 2015. Mansell still believes the car he drove was far more difficult to drive, talking to Sky Sports Mansell said “All the tracks I drove on were before all the changes and we had a lot of dangerous corners. We used to go flying into corners knowing if we got it wrong we would have a massive accident so we respected the car and the corners.” Modern day F1 has become less physically challenging with the addition of power steering and Mansell added, “drivers can drive with a couple of fingers”. F1 has lost the spectacle said the 61 year old Briton who also suggested that the Drag Reduction System, which enables easier overtaking, is a false way of testing a driver and that the tyres need to have more grip. During a 15 year F1 career, Mansell won 31 races and had bitter rivalries with some of F1’s legendary racers, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. The main criticism of modern day F1 is that the engineers are controlling the drivers speed from the pit wall. At the last race in Canada for example, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were told to “lift and coast” in order to conserve fuel, so what could have been an epic duel turned out to be a battle of mpg rates. The same lift and coast request is applied right across the grid during races and even the drivers have gone on record of voicing their dislike of modern day F1. Fernando Alonso for example believes racing is no longer a test of skill both physically and mentally.    Nigel-Mansell-Lewis-Hamilton
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