Superfast Lamborghini Aventador Sells Out Super Quickly
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Tough luck if you were looking to buy a new Lamborghini Aventador or more to the point the Aventador LP750-4 Super Veloce, all 600 limited editions have been sold out. Lamborghin-Aventador-LP750-Super-Veloce-Front Let us speculate why, The Aventador LP750 is the hardcore variant of the range, its lighter by 50kg and the naturally aspirated V12 has been given an increase in power from 700PS to 750PS. That’s 690bhp and 739bhp in old ‘money’. Lamborghin-Aventador-LP750-Super-Veloce-Interior The superfast Aventador LP750 debuted at the 2015 Geneva Motorshow, apart from a weight reduction and increase in power Lamborghini have tinkered with and improved the aerodynamics which has increased by as much as 170%. So how much will those extra 39 horsepower’s cost? Around £237,000 GBP, thats $368,000 dollars. Lamborghin-Aventador-LP750-Super-Veloce-RearLamborghini have portioned off all 600 units to their most valuable international territories, 200 LP750’s will find homes in Europe, another 200 for the Middle East and Africa markets, 200 for the Asia Pacific region and of course 200 for the North and South Americas.  Lamborghin-Aventador-LP750-Super-Veloce-Profile
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