5 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Like Ripping You Off
You can’t drive a car legally without having insurance. That’s as good as any consumer advice we here at DCB Towers will ever give. What we can’t understand is why insurance premiums, in the UK, are so high. So out of curiosity and using the name ‘Jar Jar Binks’ we decided to have a look into insuring a Mini Hatch, 1.2-litre Diesel and the quotes we got back were eye-watering, £600 GBP. What, why when? Here are 5 reasons why insurance companies like ripping you off. 1.) The No Claims Bonus George-Clooney-Oh-Brother-Art-Where-Thou-Meme Having a no claims bonus should reduce your insurance premiums, make no claims in the first year and your premiums go down by 30%, no claims in 4 years and its 60%. But if you are insuring your car for the first time in years you’ll get slapped in the face by a lunatic high insurance quote. However if you are hit by an uninsured driver, even if its clearly not your fault, you loose all the no claims entitlements. And don’t sign up to protect your no claims bonus because the small print hides a lot of clauses that ensures the protection is next to useless. Our advice is the no claims bonus is fraud, its a con by the smooth talking insurance industry, its toilet paper marketing at its best. 2.) Insurance Comparison Webshites  Fast-&-The-Furous-Stunts-Meme Comparison webshites. Don’t believe the advertising , the fluffy animal toys or the celebrity endorsements. These comparison webshites are a con, a straight-down the middle con. Insurance companies pay these shites a small fee every time you sign up for car insurance. Its good business obviously, but the prices are fixed and insurance companies will pay more to be seen more therefore your premium will be high to pay for their marketing costs. Our advice is avoid all comparison webshites, get off your own arse and compare car insurance for yourself. 3.) Become  A Woman Man-In-Burka-Meme Its true women drivers are the safer of the two genders and its the reason why car insurers like women drivers because less crashes mean less payouts, more money for the dividends to be shared at the AGM. Therefore women are given cheaper insurance rates. Our advice to counter this sexism is for men to dress up as women, like Mrs Doubtfire. The insurance industry will make every effort to fleece male drivers, we are easy money. Becoming a woman will also get you onto the front cover of the Daily Mail. But only if you have Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Failing that just wear a Burka, no one makes the mandatory checks and you’ll still get onto the front cover of the BRITISH! and VERY ANGRY! Daily Mail. 4.) Don’t get Car Insurance Family-Guy-Who-Cares-Meme Why should you pay for car insurance at all? You see your insurance is loaded with small print, take the time to read it and you will find there are so many ‘small print’ clauses it makes the Catholic Church’s rules and regulations look as though they were written by a pot smoking hippy. YOU! are being ripped off. Our advice is to screw the insurance industry to hell. Celebrities and rich people don’t have car insurance so why should you, man. Lets all live in a claims free, irresponsible way. 5.) Insurance Companies Are Worse Than The Mafia Godfather-Car-Insurance-Meme Insurance companies operate as a cartel, just like a drugs cartel has territory to control so do insurance companies. Just as drugs cartel bosses meet up once a year so do insurance companies. Just as drugs cartels set or rather fix their prices so do insurance companies. Unlike the Mafia insurance companies do not engage in turf wars, gangland killings, extortion, racketeering, people smuggling or slavery no they are much worse than that. Insurance companies engage in ripping you off but do so in a way that makes you believe the service and protection you are getting is actually worth it. It isn’t and never will be. Our advice is to join the mafia.  Braveheart-Sonsof-Scotland-Freedom-Meme
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