Lamborghini Goes For Urus SUV Over Asterion Plug-in Coupe
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Remember the Lamborghini Asterion plug-in coupe? Well let us remind you, it was revealed in 2014 at the Paris Motorshow and it was powered by an advanced 910bhp hybrid powertrain. It looks likely that Lamborghini will follow the markets and go for an SUV instead. Remember the Lamborghini Urus? well the marketing, sales, accounts and Lamborghini’s top management do because the Urus SUV will most likely be ready for a 2018 debut. Whether the Asterion was serious intent by Lamborghini has always been up for debate. The company is now saying that the Asterion was nothing more than a technology demonstrator. Lamborghini-Urus What Lamborghini are saying is that the Urus is more so in their minds, so why is that now the case? Like every other manufacturer Lamborghini is only responding to what the market wants and rich people want high performance luxury SUV’s. Lamborghini also want to meet this demand in part to increase production targets set by their VW overlords. Making more cars makes more money and keeps the competition at bay. Shareholders also like more money in their pockets.. The Urus will be based upon the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga chassis, production was given the green light weeks ago. The target of 3,000 Urus units per year is the target. The Urus is expected to cost around £180k GBP and will be made at Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata Bolognese production facility in Italy and may well end up suing the Asterion’s hybrid powertrain.  lamborghini-Asterion-Hybrid
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