McLaren P1 Toys With BAC Mono In Track Day Show Down
This is the moment when a BAC Mono pitted itself against the mighty McLaren P1. The Mono is a typically British made plucky little sports/track car powered by a tuned 2.3-litre, 285bhp / 279 Nm engine sourced from Ford. But its made out of lightweight composite materials and that means its 527bhp/ton power-to-weight ratio is 6bhp better than a Bugatti Veyron. The Mono, which costs just over £110k GBP, has the power to shame superior hybrid supercars like the £1m McLaren P1 and in this video you sort of get what the Mono can do. Sure the Mono is quick in through the corners but its not by that much. If you listen to the sound of the cars revving you will hear the Mono works up more than a sweat than compared to the McLaren. Yes the McLaren has the superior firepower but you can hear the driver short shifting and using low revs pretty much everywhere. So the question is can the relativity cheap track day specialist beat the McLaren P1 in a straight fight? Well our answer is quite simple, no way. Not ever. But its a close call.  P1-vs-Mono-Track-Battle
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