Nissan Outsells Toyota In European Sales Turf War
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Nissan has become the go to Japanese brand among European consumers as the company outsells its Asian rival Toyota for the first time for the first six months of 2015. The Qashqai crossover SUV contributed to Nissan’s rise, demand was strong in key markets such Germany, France and the UK. Toyota has seen a decline particularly in Europe’s most prized market, Germany, the company’s model lineup in comparison to Nissan requires a boost if it is to regain it once secure foot-holding. Nissan don’t want the party to stop and have set their sights on becoming Europe’s ‘most desirable brand’. The sales figures are close Nissan increased deliveries in Europe by 21 percent to 303,507 units by June. Toyota saw a 4.2 percent rise but in real terms actually saw a slight decline by 0ne-tenth of a percentage point to 4 percent. Total deliveries were 293,968 in the same period. The second generation Qashqai has been a sales boom for Nissan making up 100,579 of the company’s 249,164 sales in the first 5 months. But Nissan and Toyota have someway to go to match Volkswagen, the company shifted 900k units within all European territories for the first six months of 2015.  Nissan-Quashqai
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