Renault Talisman Coupe Concept Looks Rather Good
This is the Renault Talisman rendered as a coupe by Photoshop expert Theophilus Chin. You know how most Renault’s are not very desirable we may well have had a change of mind with this concept rendering. Theophilus has managed to inject a bit of street cred into the Talisman and as a coupe it looks rather OK even for a Renault. but it will never be made. The Talisman saloon is Renault’s attempt at re-entering the D-segment car market, yes the Talisman is a D-lister and we wish them luck because Renault Saloons don’t sell very well. Remember the Reanult Laguna? We’d rather forget about it too and so it seems does Renault which is why the Talisman, its essentially a replacement for the Laguna, has had any references to the latter wiped from the consumer memory bank. When the Talisman saloon launches in Europe next year it will be the most advanced and upmarket Renault ever made. We only hope the hype matches the reality. My reality as a previous Laguna owner was not a happy one, god damn that Renault Turbo Diesel it literally lets go in 60 seconds. God damn Renault cheapskates make your parts out of better materials, god-dam it they cut corners on every component.  Renault-Talisman-Coupe
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