The Lamborghini That Never Was Goes Up For Sale
This is the Lamborghini Concept S, its based on the original Gallardo and no it was not created by a backstreet metal presser in Calcutta. The Concept S was created by Lamborghini for Lamborghini, it was actually designed as a viability study into making a limited number of models. Lamborghini-Concept-S-Profile Why Lamborghini never turned the Concept S into a production ready car is most probably down to the accountants. But Lambo did create two and ensured both were fully working in true Lambo tradition. The Concept S was designed by Luc Donckerwolke and was first revealed at the 2005 Geneva Motorshow, its very obviously a radical interpretation of the roadster form factor. Lamborghini-Concept-S-Rear Lamborghini sold the Concept S to a private collector and since then it has racked up only 111 miles most of which were covered when Lambo engineers were testing the car. The Concept S, or at least one of them is coming up for sale at an auction how much it will be sold for is anyone’s guess but don’t expect any change from at least a £500k punt. Lamborghini-Concept-S-Top Performance specs really don’t matter, were sure its going to use a V10 and that its sprinting capabilities will be blisteringly fast.  Lamborghini-Concept-S-Front
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