Driver Angers Russian Thugs In Reservoir Dogs Moment
It looks like a scene from Quentin Tarrantino’s Reservoir Dogs gangster movie but these are real Russian thugs somewhere in ‘jerk water Russia’. The driver of the dash cam was over-taking on a two lane carriageway, he overtakes a few cars and then a red van and in doing so hacks off the passenger who thinks he is driving dangerously. A few minutes later the driver comes to an intersection and stops behind a Lada SUV. Remember that red van? Well its actually full of Russian riot Police. Remember that Lada SUV? Well its actually full of Russian riot police and all are not happy with ‘Mr dasahcam driver man’ and.. they let him know about it in typical Russian style. Mr dashcam man does try to get away as the second video shows but those pesky Ruskie cops ain’t havin any of it. Police they’re the same the world over, well they appear to be tame compared to American cops, over in the land of the free Police regularly shoot African American’s for being black, 7,000 were shot in the US of A last year alone. In any ones estimation that sounds like a slaughter.
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