Jaguar Land Rover To Loose Its British Values
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You could argue Jaguar Land Rover lost its British values years ago, years before it was given a new lease of life under current Indian conglomerate owners. Now the final screw is being turned as JLR is set to loose its fine cut suit for one made in Eastern Europe. A suit made in Eastern Europe is probably better than one made in the US for Walmarts, Jaguar Land Rover turned their backs on a US based production plant in favor of expansion in Nitra, Western Slovakia. JLR’s aim is to turn up the production heat in order to reach an annual output of around 300,000 cars per year by 2025 at the proposed site which is scheduled to open in 2018. JLR is yet to put pen to paper because the company is carrying out a feasibility study despite signing a letter of intent with the Czech government. JLR is also considering Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, however because Slovakia is a member of the Euro Zone, the trade and tax exemptions maybe more favorable. In addition the Slovak government is pushing ahead with the deal by offering generous subsidies allowed by EU rules. Whenever the factory goes ahead it will be used to produce the XE and spin off products based on the lightweight aluminum chassis. Last year JLR produced 454,000 vehicles, the factory in Slovkia could boost annual sales to around 800k. Slovkia has already attracted other manufacturers, the VW Group buids  the Touareg and Audi Q7 at its Bratislava facility while Kia makes more than 300k vehicles per year at its Zilina plant. JLR is scheduled to open a factory in Brazil by 2016, but the company faces a slow down in China as market conditions fall to a 25 year all time low.  Jaguar-Land-Rover-Britishness
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