Kahn Design Creates Outrageous Six-Wheeled Land Rover
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They gave us a preview of the six-wheeled land Rover Defender 110 in concept sketch form some time ago and we thought that’s nice but they will never make it. We were wrong, they have. And here it is, in all its six-wheeled glory. Not only have Kahn Design stretched the Defender 110 by 400mm which includes an 800mm rear extension they have also kept to the same branding as the firms other bespoke Defenders, the Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6×6 Concept. Kahn-Design-Flying-Huntsman-LWB-Profile Yes its a long name and yes its a concept, well a working concept at least, and as usual if it perks interest then Kahn Design could make a batch of limited edition models. But it also faithfully retains that Land Rover appeal without going over the top even though it is. The team added a third axle, and added a two front-wheel and four back-wheel configuration with 9″ x 20″ Volcanic Black Mondial wheel coupled with Cooper LTZ 275/55/20 tyres. Kahn-Design-Flying-Huntsman-LWB-Interior The modifications also included an upgraded heavy-duty chassis, suspension / braking, hi-lo ratio drive system and locking differentials to give it that true go anywhere Land Rover spirit. The engine is typically mod-job powerful, a 430-hp of GM LS3 V8 that is mated to a GM six-speed automatic gearbox and channels waste through an upgraded stainless steel exhaust system. Kahn-Design-Flying-Huntsman-LWB-Rear The styling package includes a new front bumper, X-Lander grille and plenty of Kahn badging, Inside the driver will find Red Leather Sports seats adorned with 100% wool Abraham Moon Skye Almandine inserts along with a quilted and perforated centre glove box, Churchill time clock fascia insert and a single spoke steering wheel.  Kahn-Design-Flying-Huntsman-LWB-Front
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