Mercedes S Class Cabriolet Will Be Predictably Expensive
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Mercedes will launch what is generally regarded to be the all new S Class cabriolet when it is formally unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motorshow on September 15th. The S Class cabriolet is scheduled to go on sale in the UK around 1st quarter 2016. Just in time for winter. This is the first time Mercedes will offer a cabriolet based on the S Class platform since 1971. Although if you do your research there was one gentleman who was regularly driven in an open top luxury Mercedes at around the time of 1933 – 1944. Mercedes have revealed a sketch of the car posed at a jaunty angle, they haven’t confirmed if the S Class cabriolet will have a folding metal roof or a fabric roof. However its quite clear from the sketch the S Class cabriolet will feature a softtop roof because a retractable hard top requires more rear storage space. Mercedes-S-Cabriolet-Nurburgring-Testing This requires the rear end to be designed higher in order to accommodate all that retractable metal. The sketch shows a rear end that is almost level with the rest of the cars lines. And anyway Mercedes have been testing the S Class cabriolet around the Nurburgring. Expect the S Class cabriolet to feature some serious firepower, such as the 449bhp, v8 s500. So how much will it cost? £150k should be about right after adding on hefty extras, that’s Bentley Continental GT territory. Personally we would stick with the Bentley Continental GT, by comparison the S Class just doesn’t have the image to compete with a Bentley on any level even though it will offer the superior technology.  Mercedes-S-Class-Coupe
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