Mr John Unintentionally Crucifies The VW UP!
Video We said there would only be a trilogy of Mr John’s delightfully dreadful video reviews, but as an inevitable sequel follows every Fast & Furious movie so to does our fascination with Mr John’s world of automobilia. This time he’s reviewing the VW UP! nice little car. But not in Mr John’s unintentionally off putting world. This video review is full of cringe making, stomach turning comments, we’re not picking on the guy we’re just doing our civic duty. But at least he’s trying, I mean what are we doing! eh!? NADA! As Mr John Says in forced amazement “non electric window winders!”. Anyway we’ll leave you with a few of the comments from YouTube:
A big “Thank You” for trying a “base” version ! At least someone with guts !!!
Are we honestly meant to take this bloke seriously? He wouldn’t look out of place on an Operation Yewtree mug shot!
thanks. this has been a big help.
Good review but what a horrible little shit box. Looks like a mini mobility vehicle only fit for blue rinse. Definately not in the same league as Fiat 500 etc…
Bet he’s got drugs stashed in the hat
Nice little city car, but i think i prefer the look of the Skoda Citigo version !!!
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