Route 29 Batman Gone Too Soon
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His name was Lenny B. Robinson and he was a Batman impersonator who was going about his charitable business in full Batman costume when Police ordered him to stop his Batmobile, which happened to be a Lamborghini Gallardo. From then on he was known as the Route 29 Batman after becoming a YouTube sensation when video footage of the stop went viral in 2012. It was reported, on the 17th 2015, that Robinson was killed in a car collision after coming back from a auto show in West Virgina. His Batmobile had broken down on an unlit stretch of Interstate 70 near Hagerstown at around 10:30pm. Robinson’s vehicle was partially on the fast lane, when he got out to inspect his Lamborghini, a Toyota Camary hit the car catapulting the Gallardo forward and into Robinson where he died at the scene. Robinson was a successful business man who sold his cleaning company and decided to turn charitable by helping children who were in hospital with various illness and terminal conditions. The Batsuit cost Robinson thousands to make and he would spend at least $25,000 dollars per year on on handing out gifts and toys to sick children. Lenny B Robinson was 51 and he WAS Batman. We salute you sir.  Lenny-B-Robinson-Route-29-Batman
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