Sycophantic Review of Tesla Model S Is Predictably Good
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America’s Consumer Reports recently tested the Tesla Model S and found that it broke its very own rating system which makes the Tesla the highest rated vehicle ever tested. Out of a score of 100 the Tesla Model S rated 103 points/percent. Someone at Consumer Reports needs to go back and do elementary maths. No one thing can give more than 100 percent, by definition the most anyone (or in this case the Tesla Model S) can actually give is 100 percent. So what went wrong with this Consumer Reports review and the over the top rating? Nothing, that’s how the magazine rated the Tesla and so their results stand. In their minds. Consumer Reports is an independent magazine that is on the side of the consumer, but even we say this smacks of motoring journalists wanting to please Tesla, for what ever reason. We’re not suggesting Tesla handed over a bag of gold, because these days you can use Bitcoins. Electronic transfer no need for gold. You see despite how efficient the Tesla Model S is it still has some way to go in order to match the efficiency of a petroleum powered car. As Michio Kaku says gasoline is “concentrated sunlight from the time of the Dinosaurs, and packed with energy”. Basic physics says the amount of energy in a kilogram of gasoline is much greater than the equivalent mass of a battery. Gasoline is still way, way more efficient. That is until a new generation of “super-batteries” are developed. For the time being electric cars are the beginning of the end, but not just yet. Battery powered cars still have a way to go to match the efficiency of gasoline powered cars. If we use Physics and logic then this review of the Tesla Model S by Consumer Reports is just plain old flag-waving paid for sycophancy.
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