This Video Will Make You Want To Buy A Set of ADV.1 Wheels
Who are ADV.1 Wheels? They are custom designers and makers of after market alloy wheels if you feel those pesky OME alloys just don’t cut it. ADV.1 Wheels don’t just design bespoke alloys for their customers they also design wheels exclusively for OME manufactures. That’s because ADV.1 employ the strictest of quality control measures to each alloy wheel design they conjure up and that’s why the likes of Lamborghini want to work with them. But dang, this video is just such a good promo for the company you end up flag waving for them and you also want to head on over and order a set right now. Its that crunching soundtrack that does it. (“Lost but Won” by Hans Zimmer) I wonder if they make any to fit my 10 year old beaten up 1.2-litre Vauxhall Corsa? Oh the life of a motoring hack isn’t quite like what it seems.  ADV1-Wheels
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