Borgward Re-Generates After 52 Year Absence
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Its one of the oldest motor companies in the world and you’ve probably never heard of them. Borgward Motors was setup in 1890, based in Bremen Germany. The company lasted until 1963 before it hit financial troubles but that wasn’t before it pioneered air suspension and automatic transmissions. Financial difficulties is something not too familiar with China’s new breed of super rich elites and it is Chinese investment that is behind the revival plans to resurrect Borgward for the 21st century. Borgward will debut an SUV concept at this years 2015 Frankfurt Motorshow and with it hopes to take on the Audi Q3, Mercedes GLC and BMW X3. Any hopes of future Borgward SUV’s being built in Germany are hopelessly optimistic because the the company will build its vehicles in China. Sales are initially expected to begin in China next year before more international territories are targeted. Borgward retains a core development workforce in Germany which totals 50 but will increase to 120 by late 2016. Borgward is headed up by a former Daimler senior executive, Ulrich Walker, Borgwards Chinese backers enticed the 64 year old out of retirement. Over the course of it’s existence Borgward built over 1 million cars. The company has recruited former Saab designer, Einar Hareide to head up the design department.  Borgward-resurrection
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