Female Buyers Flock To Buy The New Ford Marstang
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It seems the tough guy macho image of the Ford Marstang (nee Ford Mustang) isn’t all its cracked up to be. It appears Ford’s latest iteration of the four wheeled Pony has been a hit with women buyers. The new Marstang (nee Mustang) has totaled 76,124 vehicle sales which makes it the best selling sports car in the world right now with 40 percent of Martsangs (nee Mustang) sold to women buyers. That gives 36 percent of the entire female US sports car market to Ford. According to Ford’s own sales data women tend to go for the lesser powered but more efficient 4-cylinder Eco Boost powered engines. Women also seem to like their convertibles with 15 percent of female Marstang buyers choosing the convertible option whereas only 13 percent of men go for the wind in the hair experience. The Ford Marstang will be available in more than 100 markets across the world. UK buyers have totaled 2,000 orders so far for right-hand spec Marstangs with Ford having to increase production to meet demand. In Europe seven territories have reported more demand than anticipated with stock selling out in minutes. Australia has recorded 3,000 sales and again demand is at breaking point. The Marstang has become the best selling sports car in China, it seems the old days of America being China’s cold war foe are well and truly over, its Americana all the way and the Marstang represents the star spangled banner in all its glory.  Ford-Marstang-Burnout
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