Land Rover Has Transparency Issues With Invisibility Tech
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Land Rover has developed a rear invisibility cloak concept for those whose lives revolve around towing stuff, like caravans or horseboxes. A TFT rear-view-mirror display is linked to a camera on the object being towed.  Clever software then combines everything to give a transparent view of the, lets say trailer, and view of the road behind. The “Transparent Trailer” as Land Rover call is being showcased at this years Burghley Horse Trials which is being held from 3rd-6th September. The only problem we have is with the video which shows Land Rover has gotten their demographics mixed up. The people who appear in the video, who we presume are actors, are rather too young to be typical Land Rover owners. It looks like a marketing mix up to us.  Land-Rover-Invisibility-Rear-View-Mirror
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