Porsche GT3 Competitor Turns Barrel Rider In Massive Shunt
Pedro Piquet, a 17 year old Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge competitor, was involved in the mother of all race accidents over the weekend. Piquet happens to be the son of former F1 world champion Nelson Piquet. Not that the latter has anything to do with this crash, a crash is a crash no matter who is involved. Piquet was attempting to overtake a fellow competitor at the Autodromo Internacional Ayrton Senna race circuit in Brazil. We don’t need to inform you that the overtake didn’t go as planned. Piquet barrel rolled nine times before finishing off with a mid-air twist/pirouette any ice skate performer would be proud of. Astonishingly despite the severity and sheer force of the crash Piquet escaped with nothing more than an overnight stay at the local hospital for observation and bruising to the face.  Pedro-Piquet-Porsche-GT3-CUp-2015-Massive-Crash
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