Awesome Mercedes Concept Will Sadly Remain A Concept
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This Mercedes Benz inspired concept looks awesome and perhaps it could one day form the basis for a fully autonomous car or even a “villain” car for a Bond movie. Its been created by Matthias Böttcher a automotive and industrial design student in Stuttgart for his final year thesis project and we reckon he’s nailed it as far as concepts go. SL-Pure-Concept-Rear Interestingly the SL Pure concept has no windows, front or side, the exception being a transparent roof to diminish the sense of being imprisoned in a vehicle and relay a more passenger friendly driving experience. SL-Pure-Concept-Side-Rear copy Böttcher’s concept rely on autonomous senors and cameras to navigate and is a car designed for the future for a future that is just around the corner. As much as we like the concept we can’t help but think, trust the Germans to design a good looking prison van.  SL-Pure-Concept-Side-Frint
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