Meet The BMW M2 Coupe
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With a 12 model range consisting of god knows how many cars BMW will certainly never leave you feeling short of options. And every BMW Series model requires a bit get up and go and finally the 2 Series is joined by the M2. Any BMW M Series model has one primary focus, a prime directive if you will and that’s to go as fast as is road legally possible. Or in other words as fast as hell. And here it is the BMW M2, so what do you get for your UK pounds and pennies? That’s £44k in GBP. BMW-M2-2015-D How does a 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbocharged straight 6-cylinder engine sound? What about the 365hp at 6,500rpm that will rev to 7,000rpm? Or maybe the peak torque of 465Nm that you can call into action between 1,400 and 5,560rpm. The 6-speed manual will allow you to access all that power which means getting too 0-62mph will take 4.5 seconds. The dual clutch DCT is optional and includes three driving modes Comfort, Sport and Sport+. However the top speed is limited to 155mph. BMW have also uprated the M2’s chassis, a wider front and rear track helps stability and allows room to accommodate the 19-inch wheels. The revised front MacPherson struts and rear five-link suspension are made form aluminum, to save weight. BMW-M2-2015-B As with all performance cars all that fury has to be curtailed and compound brakes with 4-piston fixed calipers, two at the rear, will ensure the appropriate brake retardation. Being rear wheel drive BMW have included the Active M Differential and unfortunately revised the electronic steering. Step into the interior and you will be greeted by a familiar looking environment the exception being with a few embossed M logos to remind why you spent £44k in the first place. And of course there will be minimal kit and plenty of options for you to blow your hard earned money on. The M2 will go on sale in Spring 2016.  BMW-M2-2015-C
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