Volkswagen UK Confirm 400,000 Vehicles Require Engine Adaptation
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Volkswagen’s UK boss, Paul Willis, has told a Parliamentary Select Committee that 400,000 VW cars will require fuel injectors to be re-calibrated in addition to a software update in order to comply with the UK’s emission’s testing laws. The news comes after the revelation that VW cheated to pass emissions testing by using a so called “defeat-device”. Willis also apologised to the assembled MP’s saying “Volkswagen has significantly let down its customers and the wider public… we recognise we’ve fallen short of the standards expected and we will take all the necessary steps to regain trust.” The total number of cars sold in the UK with this engineered “defeat-device” date back to 2008, the 1.6-litre diesel engine will will require specific manual work of altering the fuel injectors. Combined the number of cars affected in the UK under the VW umbrella actually totals 1.2 million. The majority are VW with Audi, Skoda and Seat making up the rest. Willis also said owners of the affected cars will be given loan cars for the duration of the repairs which will begin in the first quarter of 2016. Bizarrely MP’s said that people had lost trust with VW. It may be true but no one trusts UK MP’s. Since news of VW’s worldwide emissions cheating broke the company’s reputation has suffered a dent, but interestingly sales haven’t nose dived remaining relatively stable during September despite a sudden 40 percent drop in the company’s share price which equates to a loss of 20 billion euros. VW’s corporate offices in Germany were raided last week by German prosecutors and Police who were on the hunt for potentially incriminating evidence. It seems VW will find little state support. VW’s US boss was recently grilled by a Congressional Committee who didn’t believe him when he said the cheating of emissions test were orchestrated by rogue engineers back in Germany.  VW-Cheats-Liars
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