Volvo V90 Outed In 1:43 Scale Model
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Volvo’s S80 is getting on a bit, the Mercedes E Class and Jaguar XF challenger has the luxury to compete but looks like a worn out and damp carpet slipper. Volvo haven’t been sucking on a pack of Werther’s Originals because the S90 will be the bright new thing to reboot Volvo’s premium saloon motoring ambitions. There are plenty of spy shots of the S90 clad in an armor of disguised body work to hide the styling until an official 2016 reveal. But it someone in China had gotten hold of a scale model a few weeks ago and showed the S90 with a coupe like profile. Volvo-V90-Rear Now the estate version has been caught on camera as reported by again as a scale model. The picture was taken by an employee at a car model manufacture, being China this employee will be tracked down by the state and will probably end up in the Laogai. Volvo-V90-Front However what we do get is an insight into final look of the V90 albeit at 1:43 scale. The new S90 and V90 are expected to be revealed in 2016 before hitting the market in 2017. Much of the current engine line up will be carried over and Volvo are expected to debut all new Tesla riving electric versions which are said to have a range of 325 miles on a single charge.  Volvo-V90-Profile
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